Alpine retreat caught your imagination? 8 Tips to take your family holiday further!

Alpine retreat caught your imagination? 8 Tips to take your family holiday further!

An alpine retreat is a superb all year round holiday destination.

So, what is the secret to a successful family holiday?

That may not be so simple to decipher, but I can give you a remarkable place and some great tips that’ll make your family’s trip away run that little bit smoother.

A great start would be packing up the car and heading to the Bogong Village, but here are 8 more things to keep in mind to help create a flawless family holiday.

08 Bring a camera.

A picture is the best way to preserve memories and the Bogong Village is the best place to create them! With a panoramic view of countless trees and high mountain plains, it’s almost like you’re in a scene from a movie!


07 Pack your swimmers.

You never know if there’ll be water about on your trip and if it’s hot, you don’t want to miss out on a tranquil swim.

Lucky this Bogong alpine retreat has the marvelous Lake Guy and the majestic Kiewa River, so you can take a dip and enjoy the sun.

06 Plan activities for the whole family.

The high ropes course can be arranged for those a little more adventurous, but there’s also plenty of room for a game of cricket, a kick of a ball or even tennis courts for a swing of the racquet!

While the older might enjoy a strenuous hike around the lake or casual stroll around the village.

There’s even cabins available to bring your pets, so it can truly be an all family holiday!

05 Pick somewhere safe

It may sound a little overcautious, but it’s hard to kick back and take it easy while you know your kids are around, possibly getting up to all sorts of mischief.

But with the Bogong Village alpine retreat’s small village lifestyle and enclosed surroundings they can’t go far, but can still give you your space!

04 Choose an alpine retreat that’s family friendly

Having a cabin in this astounding alpine accommodation doesn’t just mean you’ve got yourself a nice family getaway, it means you and your family are now part of the mountain village lifestyle, with other families staying at the cottages you have the option of mingling with others, or keeping to yourselves in housing equipped with a great family barbecue area, cooking facilities and even a laundry if you need it!

03 Find somewhere reasonably priced.

Cottages in Victoria are in high demand when it comes to a family escape and Falls Creek is probably a more expensive option, whilst staying in Mount Beauty has it’s benefits closer to shops and restaurants, it’s also a place for those with deeper pockets.  Your perfect option lies between the two, with the Bogong Village your best value for money.

02 Go outdoors!

We could all do with some serious fresh air and go be one with nature, but that doesn’t mean you have to rough it in a tent.  Enjoy a nice cabin, complete with a deck to really inhale that countryside air.

01 Relax

The last tip is simple, at the Bogong Village you don’t have to anything!  Just enjoy the view. After all, it’s a family holiday, not family work!


So when thinking about your family’s city life escape, it can be as simple as choosing the Bogong Village, but with these extra tips, you’ll be more prepared than ever.

Book your Bogong Alpine retreat today and start your village lifestyle!