Country Cottages in Victoria and the Top 5 ways to Relax

Country Cottages in Victoria and the Top 5 ways to Relax

Urban living makes us all feel a little tired, grimy and irritable, so why not plan a rural escape to our country cottages?

05 Nature Walking

Nothing says “Nature” more than Mount Bogong and country cottages at Bogong Village.

As you walk along the charming earthy track through the stunning Alpine National Park, you’ll go from stopping in awe; to quickly picking up your step to find out what spectacular view is around the next corner.

Walk out the door of your country cottages alpine accommodation and you’ll see trees across mountain plains as far as the eye can see, it’ll take more than walking one lap around Lake Guy to really take it all in.

04 Quiet reading nooks in country cottages

Yes, you can sit down and read a book anywhere, but being surrounded by a cozy fireplace, or sitting out on the balcony in the middle of the picturesque forest backdrop of the Bogong Alpine Village, it’s a different story… And I’m not just referring to the different stories you’ll find among the bookshelves of the country cottages and cabins you stay in at the Alpine Retreat.

Whether you’re bringing your own book or choosing one from their own selection, there’s nothing more calming than a good read amid the natural bush of the Bogong Village.

03 Sleeping

They say a good nights rest is the cure for most things, but it’s not just as simple as going to bed.

Combine a comfy place to lie in amongst the outdoor atmosphere and the crisp country air; you’ll feel you never knew the meaning of the word ‘relaxed’ until you sleep in Bogong Village accommodation.

02 Swimming

And not in some chlorine filled pool, go for a swim as nature intended it, in the deep drenched dirt among the untamed wilderness!

Swimming has been said to have some strange therapeutic qualities and Mount Bogong’s Lake Guy is the perfect spot to wash your worries away!

And if swimming in the lake sounds too strenuous, there’s always the alpine accommodation’s spa to soak in!

Lake Guy is aided by gorgeous rock crowded flowing rivers for canoeing too.

01 Breathing

It may sound simple, but just merely breathing in the fresh Bogong Alpine Village air instead of the big city fumes; it can work wonders on your mental state.

So take a deep breath and take it all in at Mount Bogong for your next getaway.

The Bogong Village is halfway between Mount Beauty and Falls Creek and you can book your cabin here (link?)

Relax, Read, Rest at Bogong Village.